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40 Yrs. in Law Enforcement | 19 Yrs. Private Investigation

Welcome to Reyes Consulting

Who We Are

We are a full-service private detective and crimnial investigation agency located in Fort Worth, TX.

For 19-years, we have been recognized to provide exceptional detective and investigative services. No matter the complexity of your case, we have what it takes to unravel any mystery. We are a team of licensed private investigators serving individuals, businesses, and corporate agencies all over Dallas and the Fort Worth Metroplex. All our investigation services are carried out with a high level of professionalism.

Experianced Professionals

Our private investigators comprised of a team of former law enforcement agents with several years of professional investigative experience. They have worked with FBI, Homeland Security, and other federal law enforcement agencies.

Over the years, we have been able to develop stable relationships with attorneys, local law enforcement agents, and other professionals in the field of investigation. These relationships help us achieve reliable and accurate results in a short period.


Criminal / Civil / Traffic Investigations

Whether the case is related to harassment, conspiracy, robbery, child abuse, and so forth, count on our expert team to conduct timely, comprehensive investigations. With this, we can gather all the necessary evidence and forensics that will help enhance the case.

Insurance Investigation Claims

Our experts can investigate various issues which often have to do with the filing of insurance claims. This includes bodily injuries, property damage, worker's compensation, medical, liability, and so forth.

Case Consultations

Do you need an expert to help shed more light on your case? We can help provide more information on the case as we take a look from a neutral and more professional perspective.

Repossession Investigations

Is a debtor trying to run away with your money? We will help you find the debtor and the property you are trying to repossess.

Internal Company Fraud Investigations

Have you been suspecting any fraudulent activity going on within your organization? Let our competent, professional private investigators at Reyes Consulting help uncover the truth about any fraudulent activity or misconduct going on in your company.

Process Server

We provide services such as filing court papers, serving legal documents, and retrieval of documents. We can help "serve" or deliver legal documents to parties or individuals that are involved in any type of court cases.

Anytime you need to get court filings done in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas, always choose Reyes Consulting. We provide experienced, reliable and affordable court filing services.

Why Choose Us?

Outstanding Customer Service

At Reyes Consulting, our clients are important to us. Our private investigators will approach your case with a high level of commitment and enthusiasm. Our experts are always ready to help point you in the right direction. No other private investigators in Fort Worth, Texas has what is takes to deliver exceptional services like us.

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You deserve reputable private investigators to help enhance your case. Contact us today at Reyes Consulting. Our professional team of investigators will carry out comprehensive research on the matter. We will provide court-admissible evidence that will make all the difference in your case.