About Reyes Consulting

Specialized Training

Instructor since 1985 for the Fort Worth Police Department in the following: Interview & Interrogation, Homicide, Robbery, Cold Cases.

Robbery, Crime Scene Search, Burglary, Homicide, Cold Cases, Major Cases, Interview & Interrogation, Post Bomb Blast Reconstruction, Fraud, Family Violence, Human Trafficking, DNA, Arrest and Search Warrant Preparations, Crime Scene Investigations & Reconstruction numerous conferences and symposiums on all aspects of Criminal Investigations.

Teaching Experiance 1983 - Present

Basic Detective School and Advanced, Citizens on Patrol Academy in Spanish and English.

Instructor for North Texas Council of Governments Regional Police Academy on the above topics plus, Racial Profiling, Identity Theft, Booking, Report Writing, Crime Scene Search Basic, Intermediate & Reconstruction, Human Trafficking.

Instructor for Tarrant County College Police Academy on the above topics plus, Intermediate Crime Scene Investigations, DNA for First Responders and Investigators, Intermediate Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers.

Instructed in Mexico at Tec Monterrey School of Law, Toluca, Mexico and numerous Police Departments throughout the Country of Mexico, Speaker at the Crimes Against Women Seminar Dallas, Texas on Human Trafficking and DNA, Guest speaker at various events on investigations.

Related Experiance

Fort Worth Police Officer for 33 years, last 28 in investigations, assigned to numerous units, to include Homicide for 12 years. Cold Case Investigations for 6 years, started the Cold Case Unit and trained other Departments on how to investigate and create a Cold Case Unit within their Department.

Assigned hundreds of homicide cases and assisted other Detectives in hundreds more, reviewed over 760 Unsolved Cold Cases (homicides) worked 260 during the 6 years of Cold Cases. Traveled throughout the Country (USA and Mexico) interviewing and interrogating suspects and witnesses, reconstructed Crime Scenes for these cases. Assigned to the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force for 4 years and received training in Quantico, VA. Assigned to Homeland Security Investigations-Human Trafficking for 1 year.

Featured In

Channel 4, 5, 8, 11, 21, Univision, Telemundo, Azteca, Cold Case Files, A & E, Most Wanted, Most Evil, Web of Lies, Swamp Murders, Star-Telegram, Dallas Morning News, La Estrella (Spanish newspaper) Radio Stations, and Magazines